Hip Hop You Don’t Stop festival : 10 editions already !!!

I started my work at Prevention CDN-NDG in 2005 as a co-organizer for the Hip Hop You Don’t Stop festival.

At the time, it was Fred, who was responsible for the murals at Prevention CDN-NDG, and also behind the idea of an urban arts festival with a crime preventive aspect. I met him by accident, as he was only someone I knew in the community, one morning at the Villa-Maria metro and I remember asking him briefly what was going on. And it was at that point that he explained to me that he had received some money from Centre National de Prévention du Crime (CNPC) to put together a Hip Hop festival for the youth in Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce as a means to prevent crime through arts.

I had already been involved quite a lot in this culture as a producer and co-owner of an independent recording company and also being part of a well known rap group, so I found the project quite interesting, although I did not think too much about it at the moment Fred told me about it. I was very busy finalizing an album that was due to come out soon but on the other hand my unemployment benefits were also coming to an end, so this golden opportunity presented itself at a very good moment. Once at home, I immediately looked for the contact info for Fred and I called him to ask him if he was looking for someone to help put the project in place. He told me to send my C.V. and a week later, in early March 2005, I started working for Prévention CDN-NDG. In the beginning, the project was to put together 4 events related to the different elements of Hip Hop : a graffiti event, a DJ event, a B-Boying / B-Girling event (breakdance) and a rap event. At that time, I remember thinking that this kind of project will last for one or at most two years …

But here I am, in 2015, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master in the same field on the way and three kids later, I put together the 10th edition of this amazing festival.

WOW!!! It’s quite fascinating what and where life brings you at times!


Marc – coordinator for Hip Hop You Don’t Stop festival


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