Communications – Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Urban Arts Festival

Marc has been working with us since 2005.

As artist / singer-songwriter since 1997 under the name of Égypto, he has won several awards including a Felix at the ADISQ in 2006 with the album Deluxxx as part of Atach Tatuq. As owner of a record label, he also developed skills as a producer in the cultural field. Very involved in the Montreal Hip Hop scene for over 15 years, Marc organized the festival for the 10th time in 2015. As Coordinator of Hip Hop You Don’t Stop, Marc was involved in making the bridge between organizations that offer activities related to urban arts in order to bring forward the young talented Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. His job was basically to coordinate programming, logistics, and promotion of the various events held during the festival. Marc is now in charge of the communications for the festival. What is closest to heart in this program is the fact that we can offer the chance to young artists from the district to express themselves through art, regardless of their background.