905, 2017

“Terri’s 0.02” – April 2017

We at Prevention CDN-NDG held our Annual General Meeting last Thursday, March 30 at 6767 Côte-des-Neiges. I believe it is around our 25th or 26th AGM! Like Christmas, many hours went into the planning and preparation and then poof in two hours it was over for another year!

As most […]

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905, 2017

“Terri’s 0.02” – February 2017

Last month, we asked you to keep your fingers crossed for two of our programs, and you did, and I am happy to report that we were able to continue into 2017 with both the Tandem Program and our Hypersexualization Prevention Program!!!

On the night of January 16, Borough Council unanimously granted […]

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2012, 2016

“Terri’s 0.02” – December 2016

It’s the last month of the year, and we pretty much made it through… A few bumps and bruises but we made it mostly intact. A year ago, I probably wouldn’t have thought as much.

I have written much on the subject, but there was a time where many of our programs were in a precarious […]

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1912, 2016

Jennifer Interviews: Marc-Alain – CDN Street Worker

Jennifer: Marc-Alain, how long have you been working for Prevention CDN-NDG?

Marc-Alain : 10 years

Jennifer: What are you doing here?? I mean… seriously, why Prev?

Marc-Alain : I enjoy coming to the aid of people in need. Equally, because Prev is an excellent organization offering services in both Côte-des-Neiges […]

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3011, 2016

“Terri’s 0.02” – November 2016

So this is the period of the year that the Christmas decorations start going up…Everyone is on their last Halloween candy and we are between Thanksgivings. In between you ask? Well Canadian’s harvest festival was held a couple of weeks ago and our friends to the South celebrate on the fourth Thursday of November. If […]

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1903, 2016

Young Heroes Wanted: 91 New Bicycles to be Awarded

Learn more about the Annual New Bike Giveaway program by SunYouth Organization :

Communiqué-vélos_partenaires Bikes__2016Fe22

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