This month, Nexus interviews another member of our Board, Rapi Sota.

Nexus (N): Hi Rapi! Thank you for taking time for this interview and a late welcome to the Board of Directors! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Rapi Sota (R.S): I am a naturalized Canadian, originally from Albania. I appreciate the fact that I have been naturalized with my own forces. I chose the country with my wife. We came here in July 2010 and are fully integrated. We felt it was important for our kids. My family loves it here! We have good jobs, our own home and the children are getting educated. It was well worth coming here!

N: How old are your children?

R.S: My son is 17 and my daughter is 11.

N: What brought you to become interested in joining the Board?

R.S: The way you are organized. The organization is very welcoming and has excellent communications. This gives me the opportunity to give a hand, and also to learn from your experience. I like supporting the positive things about a community. This benefits the positive development of the neighbourhood. The staff is working for great causes!

N: You are the Director of the CRC (Centre de ressources communautaires). Tell us about that.

R.S: It’s a great job because I get to work in both communications and problem solving. I am constantly in touch with people and organizations. Maintaining good relationships between organizations and providing a good service to citizens is the most important.

N: What do we not know about you?

R.S: I paint, and my diploma in school was in Fine Arts. I use both oils and acrylic. My second passion is cooking and I love fishing. The long winters pushes us to find something to do out of doors. Painting clears my mind and I can do it for hours.

N: If you had no restrictions (like money or time), what would you be doing?

R.S: I’d invest in hospitals and education. I’d organize a big art exhibit and raise money to donate it to a good cause!

N: Thank you Rapi and welcome aboard!