It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our long-time friend and Board member, Robert W. Brodrick.

Rob was always a huge supporter of Prevention CDN-NDG. We met almost 30 years ago when he became a very active member of our Neighbourhood Watch Program. He was already involved in the Patricia (William Bowie) Park Community and an active volunteer on keeping the outdoor rink watered and functional. The safety of the neighbourhood was always of great interest to him and Helen and they became Block Captains. Rob worked closely with the late William Joseph, his friend and neighbour, who was President of the Prevention CDN-NDG Board and who encouraged him to play a more active role, with both the Program and the organization.

Rob was a huge advocate of the organization’s growth and development. In 2002, when we were approached with the idea of running the Eco-Quartier office in Rob’s district, Loyola, he loved the idea, and believed that the organization could play an even bigger role in the community. He was proud of everyone on staff and always encouraged us to both do our best and take time for our families.

Rob was also the rare type of person who would drop everything to come to your aid in the middle of the night or would give you the shirt off his back. A little clichéd, I know, but such a kind and gentle soul. He was famous for saying, “Don’t forget to pop in for a coffee! Or come by on the weekend for a drink” He had a full backyard on Canada Day and a full house at Christmas time and around his birthday. His favourite holiday, of course: St. Patrick’s Day and was once very involved in the St. Patrick’s Society.

He is survived by his wife Helen Reece Brodrick and daughter Robin and fur-baby Guinness. In lieu of flowers, the family are asking that donations be made to the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation at Concordia University. A service will be held in the coming weeks when Robin arrives home from her scholarship at the University of Ireland in Galway.

He will be missed.

Terri – Executive Director at Prevention CDN-NDG