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309, 2015

How to attract birds to your backyard this winter

3d-abstract_other_winter-bird_49231A few tips to make your backyard more attractive to birds this winter:

  • Provide a sturdy bird feeder that can stand up to winter weather. Ensure that it’s tight enough to keep the seeds dry. Make sure it doesn’t sway too much in heavy winds.
  • Place your […]
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309, 2015

Indoor air pollution

air-cloudsWhen you think of air pollution the first thought will probably about the co2 emissions of cars and trucks. But besides the outdoor pollution there is also indoor air pollution. Basically indoor air pollution describes the contamination of the air in our rooms caused by […]

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309, 2015

A Clean, Green Fridge

Is your refrigerator a clean and safe place? This is especially important since many food-borne illnesses can be avoided simply by maintaining safe practices in the fridge. It is important to always use common sense, as well as your 5 senses, when dealing with items in your fridge. Here are a few tips to help […]

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