Hello! My name is Kira and I am the camp animator at the NDG Éco-quartier this summer. I am offering short workshops and activities aimed at raising awareness of environmental problems and their solutions, in the form of fun camp activities like running games, relay races, treasure hunts, trivia games, music, theatre, crafts, and outings. The themes of this year’s activities include water conservation, the basics of composting and recycling, waste reduction and repurposing, the importance of trees and green spaces, urban agriculture and different modes of transportation.

Each of the activities aims to teach campers about the basics of how to adopt a more eco-friendly behaviour for each theme, and focuses on providing campers with simple, easily remembered and implemented tips for them to bring home and include in their daily lives. It is my hope that by keeping the information basic and concise, and delivering it through fun games and activities, campers will become interested in trying out more eco-friendly behaviours… and maybe even teach their friends and family!