1208, 2017

Green Team 2017

The Green Team is back for the summer! This year, NDG is lucky to receive grants for students from Service Canada. We’ll have two green patrollers, a camp anima- tor, a green alley agent, a food waste agent, a CJE student to help with community initiatives. We’re also lucky to […]

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1108, 2017

Volunteers from all around the world

We embrace diversity here at the Éco-quartier NDG. Over the years, we have welcomed volunteers that come from all over the world, and we are quite proud of it!

Very recently, we were lucky to host wonderful volunteers from Germany: Yannick, Franziska, and the twins Sophia and Liza. In the past, […]

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1008, 2017

How to recycle old textiles

Many residents are now very familiar with recycling, composting and even getting rid of their toxic products. For some of us though, one of the last things to figure out is how to ecologically responsibly get rid of old textiles. The Eco- quartier NDG receives several calls about it every […]

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908, 2017

Food waste & warmer temperatures

Now that the weather is getting warmer, residents are expressing concern about the food waste collection program. They worry that there will be bad smells, and for the case of meat-eaters, possi- ble maggots.

The City of Montreal obviously knew that this would be a concern […]

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808, 2017

More edibles on Somerled

Once again this year, Transition NDG is partnering with Eco-quar- tier NDG for the Incredible Edibles project on Somerled. They have reduced the number of city planters with edibles and thus a few planters are still available for plan- ting.

and Cavendish, in front of the Royal Bank.
Please contact the […]

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708, 2017

Bags for food waste

Now that the food waste project is in full swing, the Eco-quartier NDG has been receiving nume- rous calls about the compostable bags. Residents are wondering where they can buy the bags, and what is the most cost effec- tive methods to participate in the […]

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408, 2017

Tree-planting event at Confederation Park

Tree Canada, an organization devoted to tree planting in urban areas, has planted over 80 million trees since 1992, and since 2015 Tree Canada has awarded more than $300,000 in grants to community urban forestry projects.

Éco-quartier NDG had the pleasure of participating in one of these projects by attending a […]

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308, 2017

Used school supplies collection is back!

The Éco-quartier NDG has just launched its second annual collection of used school supplies! This project, promoting mutual help within the community and maintaining a clean environment, was a great success in its first edition last year.

The material picked up by the end of the school year 2015-2016 from the […]

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