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3103, 2020

DIY projects and Eco craft to do at home: Reusing “the famous” toilet paper rolls

If you are looking for crafting projects you can do at home, here are some eco-friendly ideas! 

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well during these difficult local, national and global times because of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Since most of you are confined to your houses and since all the schools, colleges and universities are closed, […]

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2203, 2020

March 22nd is World Water Day!

Every year, World Water Day is a great opportunity to think about our most precious resource: clean drinking water. 97% of the water on earth is saltwater, and since 2.5% of the fresh water is locked in ice caps, only 0.5% of all water is available for drinking. We need water to survive. Not only […]

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