I always wanted to have experience as a volunteer, which is why I did my language placement at the Éco-quartier NDG. I think that the whole program works on a give-and-take basis, so that both sides benefit from it. During my time at Éco-quartier I wrote and translated a lot of articles in French as well in English and I think this helped me to become more flexible concerning the languages. I learned how to switch between French and English more often and after my seven weeks of volunteering, it was a lot easier for me than it was in the beginning. At first, the office culture was kind of unusual for me, because some of my colleagues spoke in French and some others answered them in English. But I really liked my colleagues. They were always nice and I appreciate the team atmosphere. I did some workshops with them and it was always fun. I think I also helped them with accomplishing some of their work and they helped me to improve my language skills as well as my soft skills. I can only recommend this program to everyone!

By Amelie Jo Fiedler (language intern Éco-quartier NDG)