Even though the published deadline for ordering trees was September 4th, the REQ has decided to leave registration open this weekend (September 5-7th). Please order your tree at www.eco-quartiers.org . Please order your tree at www.eco-quartiers.org
You may have already heard that the Ash trees in North America are under attack from a foreign insect: the emerald ash borer. Unfortunately, the ash trees in CDN-NDG are also at risk. The borough is working hard to control the infestation, but many trees have to be either cut down, or inoculated at great expense. Trees are essential to the urban landscape for so very many reasons, that we just cannot simply accept losing up to 40% of the canopy.
In an effort to plant more trees (partly to replace some that have been cut down), the Éco-quartier NDG, in association with the City of Montreal, Soverdi web un arbre pour mon quartier 3_0and Regroupement des Éco-quartiers, is offering residents, businesses and institutions the opportunity to buy trees at a great price!
Montreal residents can purchase a tree for $25* (or a fruit tree for $35*), with quite a few species to choose from. Trees can be ordered and paid for on-line until September 7th. Residents will be invited to collect their trees between September 15th and 18th . Trees purchased will be delivered to either the Éco-quartier NDG or CDN.
This is a great opportunity to get a tree for your yard at a substantial savings. Don’t miss out! Your lungs will thank you!

*The price is slightly higher for residents from non-merged boroughs as well as for businesses and institutions