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The 3Rs: an update

Our goal at Éco-quartier is to help residents find creative solutions to reduce their waste. Every so often, a resident suggests that we let others know the intricacies of what is and is not recyclable. We try our best to communicate exactly that to our residents. We go door-to-door, host kiosks and workshops, all in […]

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Make 2020 a Green Year

Is having better environmental gestures a part of your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you’ve even considered starting to compost or to stop using toxic chemicals? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Start composting: The Eco-quartier NDG staff would like to help you start composting this year. Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to […]

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Celebrating a “Green” Holiday!

If you want to minimize your impact during holidays, here are some tips for you :

Food and Drink
• Buy in bulk! Avoid unnecessary packaging
• Ban plastic bags! Think reusable
• Avoid using disposable dishes when throwing a party
• Buy locally produced
• Compost rather than tossing them in the trash

Gift Ideas
• Avoid buying gifts which rely on disposable parts like batteries
• Look for […]

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Montclair Residence gets new flower boxes

This summer, when planning the annual flower distribution, I was chatting with Maria, one of the activities coordinator at the Montclair Seniors’ Residence. She works hard to make the outside space inviting so that the seniors will want to go and sit outside, despite having no dedicated garden budget. Other people have noticed Maria’s hard […]

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Reusing old school supplies

The main purpose of the Eco-quartier NDG’s initiative “Collection and reuse of old school supplies” is to reduce waste by diverting old school supplies that would have otherwise been throw away, and giving them to underprivileged families in NDG. It’s an excellent opportunity to initiate the youth/students to the 3RV principle (source Reduction, Reuse, Recycling […]

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‘compostable plastic’ not included in the food waste collection yet

All types of plastic are recyclable on the Island of Montreal, except for plastic number 6 (PET). There are currently 7 plastic categories, and each is labeled inside the triangle on plastics (if you don’t find a number on the plastic, it is plastic #6). The plastics industry is trying to respond to customer demand […]

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If you have to fell your ash tree…

Subsidy Regulations for the felling of ash trees and their replacement: It is forbidden, at any time, to keep a dead or dying ash tree on a property. A subsidy can be granted to a home-owner who:
• had his ash trees cut down after August 30, 2017 (when the subsidy regulation when into effect);
• planted […]

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Where is food waste going?

With the new food waste collection program in full swing, residents often ask us where the collected food scraps are being sent.
Currently, the table scraps that Montrealers put in their brown bins are being sent to Saint-Thomas in the Lanaudière region. The food scraps received are placed in a huge pile and eventually become compost.
Unfortunately, […]

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Heat Islands

In the first days of July, an intense heat wave hit Quebec. On July 2, Montreal recorded a historic heat record of 36.6°C. The heat wave not only affected Quebec; several records were broken in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, Scotland, Ireland and […]

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Green Alleys in NDG: Accessible for anybody

In recent years, green alleys in Montreal have been covered by both local and international media sources. Our green alleys are highly touted by the New York Times as “neighborhood hubs” (Freehill-Maye, October 27, 2016). Locally, reports show that they “benefit communities and the environment” (Lowrie, April 23, 2018) and are considered a “green, ecological […]

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