Beer lovers: if you worry about the ecological footprint of your beer containers, then you should opt for the classic, 341 ml brown bottle! Indeed, according to a life cycle analysis made by Recyc-Québec, the brown bottles have a lower impact compared to clear or green bottles or cans.

This comparatively better environmental performance is mainly due to these bottles being repeatedly refilled, resulting in a circular economy model. Thanks to a container deposit system, returned brown bottles are washed and reused an average of 15 times before being remelted. And the whole process takes place locally, in Quebec.

But what about beer served in cans? Its popularity is increasingly growing, but what impact does this have on the environment?
Following market trends- rather than sound environmental management – Recyc-Québec abolished the quotas that required brewers to use a minimum ratio of multi-fill containers (ie brown bottles). Nevertheless, the aluminum can is a good second option: it is infinitely recyclable, and is a valuable product on the market. Its one main flaw is it not produced in Quebec. Likewise, clear and green bottles are not refillable.

In short, if you have the choice, opt for beer in refillable and eco-responsible brown bottles, otherwise, cans are your best bet! Cheers!

Lysiane Chagnon Fontaine