Un arbre pour mon quartier 2017

Un arbre pour mon quartier, a campaign by Regroupement des Éco-quartiers and soverdi, is back! Choose now among a wide variety of species that will beautify your garden this spring! Share your new tree(s) on social media and use #Uapmq


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Compost bags

During our door-to-door surveys of the food waste program in the Loyola district, more than one resident mentioned to us that they were having trouble finding the compostable bags used in the food waste collection.


The Eco-quartier NDG staff are always surprised to hear that – as in October we had checked that all of the […]

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Winter behaviour of wild animals in Canada


Welcome back to our series ‘’winter behaviour of domestic animals in Canada”! Last month you read about some of the mammals. This second part continues to following listing interesting facts about the surviving strategies of our wildlife. Enjoy!


Mammals (Part 2):

Kermode Bear: 75 – 135 kg. Much like their relatives, they snuggle down for winter. They […]

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Earth Hour


On March 25th, from 8:30pm-9:30pm join millions of people across the world in switching off your lights for an hour to raise awareness about climate change. Earth Hour began in 2007 in Australia and has since gone global, with hundreds of millions of people participating each year.

The event is a global call to action for all individuals, […]

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World Water Day

Every year March 22nd marks International World Water Day. Let’s all work together to ensure that we not only conserve water, but that we safe-guard it from pollutants. These actions are simple and can make a difference if we do it together:

Eat less meat: the livestock industry is one of the biggest users of fresh […]

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New Hampshire students are coming to volunteer in NDG!


For the fifth year in a row, the Éco-quartier NDG will have the pleasure of hosting a group of students from the White Mountain School in New Hampshire. The school aims to sensitize its students to environmental issues, which makes it such a great partnership with the Éco-quartier NDG. Last year the youth collected worms […]

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Free access to all Canada’s national parks in 2017

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Oxo-biodegradable VS compostable

With the new food waste collection in the Loyola district, residents are being asked to use compostable bags. The Éco-quartier NDG has received a lot of calls asking if it is possible to use oxo-biodegradable bags. The answer is NO.

The difference between oxo-biodegradable and compostable is really subtle. While compostable bags decompose completely, the oxo-biodegradable […]

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National Sweater Day

On February 2nd, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Loblaws are partnering for National Sweater Day, a reminder to lower your heat and wear a sweater, in an effort to conserve energy and take action against climate change.

For many of you, this idea will seem ridiculous! Of course we dress warmer when the weather is […]

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Winter behaviour of animals in Canada

A part of our biodiversity theme, our intern Yannick has been working on a series of articles about the winter behaviour of wildlife in Canada. We’ll publish them in the next few editions of the Nexus. In this edition, Yannick covers mammals. In upcoming editions, he’ll write about birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

In the […]

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