Tap water or bottled water?

This article is Selma’s second environmental blog post.

”First, I would like to introduce myself. I’m an environmentalist, I have a masters degree from Études Technologie Superier. I’m very passionate about environmental and water science, and I would like to share my knowledge with you.”

Many people think that bottled water is much cleaner than tap water, […]

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The green waste collection is back for the fall

Every spring and fall the CDN-NDG borough offers leaf and garden waste collection for garden and landscaping waste (leaves, grass, weeds, and dead plants) and small branches (no more than 1 metre long and 5 centimetres in diameter). Collecting and composting green waste is good for the environment and easy to do.

Green Collection in NDG […]

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Halloween costume creation

The Éco-quartier NDG is seeking your ‘interesting’ items to create 3R Halloween costumes out of recycled materials (until Saturday, October 21st). We will be hosting at least 1 costume making activity with our partners this October, and thus we require a lot of material! Here is a list of some common items, but please don’t […]

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Is this the last year your Halloween costume fits you? Instead of throwing it out, why not pass it on to someone who doesn’t have one! This year Eco-Quartier NDG wants your costume in good condition to help kids who won’t have one on October 31st next year.

Bring your used costumes to the Éco-quartier NDG […]

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Curious about what a masters in environmental engineering entails?

Drawing from her experience, Selma will tell you about it! She wishes to share her interest and knowledge about the environment through articles published on our website. She dedicates her time voluntarily to write these articles. Thank you Selma!

In her own words: ‘’First, I would like to introduce myself. I’m an environmentalist, I have a […]

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Anti-Ragweed Campaign: Show Us What You’ve Got!

With the start of summer invariably comes a well-known pest: ragweed, which wreaks havoc for the many seasonal allergy sufferers across our borough and city. Did you know that an estimated 10% of Québec’s population suffers from seasonal ragweed allergies? 

What you should know: Pollen is the element of the […]

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Green Patroller 2017

When I was offered the job to be a green patroller I was instantly excited and hopeful to have a summer job that is directly related to my field. I am in my last year at Concordia studying environmental sciences therefore to have a paid internship with Eco-quartier is very beneficial to me. As well, […]

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Who are the Green patrol?

You may have seen two girls dressed in green shirts and hats walking around your neighbourhood. We are the Patrouille Verte and we are environmental patrollers who are responsible in teaching and promoting environmental awareness concerning many things around your borough! For example, we have been going around doing food waste surveys to ask you […]

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Protecting our water!

During the month of May I was a blue patroller for the borough of Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-dame-de-grace. Throughout this experience and gained knowledge from my university classes, I have learned how important water conservation has become and on the other hand how extremely lucky we are in Quebec. Living off the fleuve St-Laurent; Montreal is […]

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Progressive Waste Solutions

Taking the yellow bus up to the Landfill in Lachenaie, I was freeing up my iPhone storage to take photos of the devastating area that has been submerged in Montreal’s garbage. I was excited to expose the true nature of Montreal residents and business’s and to more or less “shame” the people of our city […]

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