409, 2021

A simple guide to composting food waste

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3103, 2021

News for Loyola

The brown bin arrives in Loyola’s 9+ multi-unit housing! Indeed, the food waste collection is set to begin in all buildings with nine or more units in the Loyola district (West of Grand Boulevard) in time for mid-May. The Eco-quartier NDG will begin the delivery of collection tools and […]

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2512, 2019

Special pick up schedule for holiday tree

There are two ways to recycle and transform your holiday tree into mulch :

  • On Wednesdays, January 8th & 15th, 2020, residents can deposit their natural holiday trees on the curb before 7 a.m. In the case of a snowstorm, pickup will be postponed until the following Wednesday. All of the trees collected will be recycled […]
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    2910, 2019

    Getting Energy From Compost? Breaking Down Biomethanation in Montreal

    Brown bins have become a fixture in NDG, and thanks to residential support, we are now able to divert tons of organic waste away from landfills. While we know that composting is good for the environment, it’s not always exactly clear what happens to your kitchen scraps once your brown bin has been picked up.

    Montreal’s […]

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    710, 2019

    Free compost! October 12th, Park NDG, (10am-noon)

    Looking for the ideal way to add nutrients to your garden or houseplants?
    Forget synthetic products home-grown compost (or humus) is the answer! The city has transformed its green waste into fantastic compost over the course of the year. Now it’s ready to be picked up to improve the quality of your soil come and get […]

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    208, 2018

    What really belongs in the food waste collection (compost)?

    Eco-quartier staff are often asked: What is really belongs in the food waste collection? The ans

    wer: its not just food! There is a little bit of other waste that can be included in the brown bin and composted as well. For some, soiled cardboard and paper […]

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    905, 2018

    Flower and compost distribution

    Flower and compost distribution: May 26th 2018, 9:00 AM

    Note : A proof of residency is required (driver’s licence, phone bill, etc.)

    Also,don’t forget to bring your own container. 30L max per address.

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    703, 2018

    Ecological Questions: fridge magnets

    Would you like a fridge magnet to remind you where to look on-line for answers to your ecological questions? Would you like a sticker that reminds you what is and is not recyclable? Either one would be a handy reminder to stick on your fridge. Both are available free at your Eco-quartier NDG.

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    2102, 2018

    Zero waste conference with Bea Johnson

    She also discovered some strange habits that we have. In a typical closet we wear 20% of the clothes all the time, and the other 80% are ‘in case clothes’ (in case we are invited to a wedding, we have an interview, we finally lose that weight, etc). Bea only has full-time clothes, she donated […]

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    1402, 2018

    How Eco-quartier became part of the Prevention CDN-NDG Family

    The City of Montréal’s Environmental Program (Éco-quartier) was created in 1995, during Pierre Bourque’s term in office.  Originally, each of the city’s 51 electoral district had its own office with separate staff, offices and projects.  Each was administered by various locally established groups. Éco-quartier’s  mandate is to promote eco-civism and environmental education, encouraging citizens to […]