Cleanliness of the neighborhood

Everyone wants to live in a clean environment. Residents can pitch in to get the job done!

We organize clean-up activities in the neighborhood with :

  • Schools
  • Community groups
  • Residents

If you want to plan an activity with Eco-quartier NDG, please contact us at

Eco-quartier NDG works with the CDN-NDG borough inspectors to improve problematic areas in NDG.
If you would like to organize your own clean-up activity, you can register it through the City’s website (please note the site is only in French). If possible, they will deliver t-shirts, gloves and bags for your activity. Should you need to, you can borrow clean-up tools from the Eco-quartier NDG for free.

Reminder: If you want to register for a public cleanup, you can do so from April 1st until Décember 31st.

COVID 19 update – please note that due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the City of Montreal discourages residents gathering in large numbers to participate in community clean-ups. The City still encourages all residents to keep their own outside space clean.

Disposable masks and gloves should always go in the grabage please!
Residents across Montreal have noticed disposable masks, and gloves in the streets, recycling bins and even flower pots! Of course, these items do not belong in any of those locations! All disposable masks & gloves should be placed in the household garbage can (they can be placed in a bag inside the garbage bag for extra protection if needed). Some residents may believe that it is unsafe to bring the used masks or gloves into the house for disposal, but remember that one’s clothing, hair, shoes, and other personal items have had the same exposure.

The Eco-quartier NDG encourages residents to choose reusable masks over disposable masks, as the fabrication of disposable masks requires a lot of resources. Of course, reusable masks have to be changed and washed daily.