Composting can reduce your household waste by at least 40%!!! We offer information about indoor and outdoor composting (fruits & vegetables only).

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  • Food waste collection has started in the Loyola electoral district (Grand to Connaught) in October 2016. The NDG district (East of Grand), is expected to follow in early 2017. The food waste program is available to all those residing in houses, duplexes, triplexes and apartments with 8 units or fewer. If you live in the Loyola (or even NDG district) and you’d like to sign up for home compost pick-up, the Eco-quartier NDG is already registering those interested. Otherwise, our team will be visiting you this summer to give you more information on the program.


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Food Waste Collection

Éco-quartier NDG: 514-486-2727,