Earth Day conversation:

On Friday, April 22nd, Eco-quartier NDG, in partnership with Transition NDG, hosted a lively discussion: What to do about waste?

Participants shared their tips for helping to save the environment, many of which were innovative. We talked about composting, soap replacements & alternatives, fixing things, reusing a variety of items and so much more.

One thing that touched me were the stories from war-time, the examples of resourcefulness from those who have nothing. Aline shared the story of her mother who washed the children, used the same water to wash the clothes, and then finally, the water was used a final time to wash the floor. The water was used 3 times before being surrender as dirty. In Montreal, I’ve witnessed people standing idly watering the sidewalk, watching the arc of the water aimlessly. Does that mean that when we have a little more, we waste a little more?

Not necessarily so. Lea & her husband were specially invited to speak about their home’s grey water system. They’ve ingeniously set it up so that they have a pipe that creates an outdoor shower whose water takes care of the plants in the yard. This replaces their need to water the plants in their yard. All of the participants were captivated by the idea, don’t be surprised if outdoor garden showers start popping up all over NDG!