Éco-quartier NDG is seeking volunteers to help promote recycling, composting, environmental living, street cleanliness and other neighbourhood environmental projects with adults and children. Whether it’s for big or small events, a few hours a week or a few hours a year, please contact us to see how you can get involved! Tel: (514) 486-2727. Email: ecoquartier@gmail.com

1. Community composting help
Every week, Éco-quartier NDG visits its community composters to carry out general maintenance. We are presently seeking volunteers to help us turn and aerate the compost and make minor repairs. 1,5 hours a week, or 1,5 hours a month, your help is always greatly appreciated!

2. Eco-crafting at the Royal Vale school with Adina:
2 hour activity, October 27th 1pm-3pm. Meet up at the ÉQ at 12h30
Éco-quartier NDG is looking for volunteers to come and help with creative eco-crafting! If you love arts and crafts, join us for a 2 hour session of eco-friendly crafting!

3. Collecting Seed Pods from Trees
Éco-quartier NDG is on the hunt for seedpods from trees to use in our environmental workshops. We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about the environment to canvass the borough & collect seedpods from different species of trees. Contact us if you’d like to know more!

4. Recycling Promotion in Apartments
Most Thursday evenings from 6-8pm (next date: Thursday, October 8th).
We meet at the Éco-quartier NDG (6575 Somerled, suite 206 at 5:45. Training provided if needed). In an effort to increase the quality and quantity of recyclables, the Éco-quartier NDG is seeking volunteers to help us promote recycling in apartment buildings. We go door-to-door offering information and answering questions about recycling. Residents are always so appreciative when they receive this information, as recycling can sometimes be confusing. We would love to have you join us!

5. Flyer Distribution: 2-3 hour activity, periodic
The Éco-quartier NDG needs to advertise its services and promote our environmental message. We need to put up flyers on local bulletin boards, in community centres and businesses across NDG. Please contact us to establish a schedule.

6. Street Theatre: Contact-us!
Éco-quartier NDG is on the lookout for volunteers that like to act. We’d like to find a way to attract a crowd as a means to educate them about the environment in a creative way. If you’re up for making a bit of a spectacle of yourself, then please contact us!

7. Mascots
Become a green mascot for your Eco-quartier! To add more vitality during various events like kiosks, we are looking for volunteers ready to have fun disguising them in recycling bins or green bags…

8. Translation
In an effort to best reach out to the various residents of NDG, the Éco-quartier NDG is always seeking volunteers to translate our environmental information into other languages. Please contact us if you can help (translation of English and French also required).
We are looking for creative and artistic volunteers to paint large, funny wooden signs for us to use during special events. Contact us for more information!

9. Video production
We’re seeking a volunteer to film a series of short videos (approx. 5 minutes in length). This will include environmental videos to post on our website. No special environmental knowledge is required for this activity. We are seeking volunteers who own their own camcorders and are comfortable making videos.

10. Environmental Workshop ideas
All year long, the Éco-quartier puts on workshops in schools, day camps and daycares on a variety of environment-related topics. We offer workshops on the 3Rs, recycling, compost and vermicompost, clothing choices, climate changes and others, all adjusted according to the participants’ age. We need motivated volunteers who can help us to upgrade / improve our workshops with more hands-on materials, ideas for scenarios, etc.

11. Office Work: Arrange a schedule with us.
We have lots of data to enter on the computer for a range of activities. If you like working in an office environment, this is the opportunity for you! The data-entry would take place during the day, during regular office hours (10am-6pm, Tuesday through Friday), but the volunteer is free to make his/her own schedule and is not required to stay for the whole day. Please contact us to find out our needs and to establish a schedule.

12. Graphic Design: Arrange a schedule with us.
Éco-quartier NDG presents many different events year-round to promote environmental responsibility. We are looking for volunteers to help create beautiful flyers, posters, and visual aids for our activities. Are you talented in art and design and tech-savvy? This project may be for you! Please contact us to establish a schedule.

13. New website evaluation panel
Éco-quartier NDG’s host organization Prevention CDN-NDG is in the process of creating a new website. We’d like to organize a panel of residents of different ages and walks of life to evaluate the website and give us feedback in terms of clarity, ease of navigation, etc. If you’d like to be involved, please contact us.

14. Shrinking our photos
We are looking for a volunteer who can organize, edit and crop photos to fit properly on our blog posts. Contact us for more information.

15. Building a database
The Eco-quartier has lots of data to manage on recycling in apartment buildings (serial numbers, contact info, pictures, history, etc). We are seeking a volunteer to build us a database (in Access or another program of your choice). Please contact us if you have knowledge of how to build a database.