Phosphates are used in a wide variety of applications, including laundry detergent. While they help get clothes cleaner
and fresher faster, they are not that great for human health. Once the phosphates are used to wash your clothes, some might actually be left over after the final rinse cycle. It is therefore possible you might inhale them or have them come in direct contact with your skin, which can endanger your health. Reducing phosphates is beneficial for you – and the environment.

The environmental impacts of detergent are clear; phosphorus and nitrogen compounds in detergents enable the increased growth of aquatic plants (algae) in aquatic areas, representing the bulk of the responsibility for the contamination of our groundwater. So what can you do if you love clean clothes… but also a healthy environment? You can use one of many phosphate- free laundry detergents which are greener and better for your health! Making this type of eco-friendly decision means doing away with unnatural additives and helping the environment

Other Options:
You can wash your clothes without any detergent, or try eco-friendly alternatives such as:
– (ionized) washing balls;
– washing nuts;
– a water ionizer.
Keep your clothes- and the planet!- clean!

Hannah Münster (volunteer) & Nikki Schiebel