Why can’t we put cat litter or dog poop in the bin while meat and bones are accepted?

This is a public health issue: animal stools can contain intestinal parasites, traces of medication or

antibiotics, as well as bacteria that constitute a serious danger to humans. This is why they are


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What do I do if my bin is broken or stolen?

You can simply come to the Eco-Quartier to get your new bin! Please bring your broken bin, rinced or cleaned.

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I’m already composting in my garden; what do I do with this bin? I don’t need it.

Congratulations! Please continue. Your new bin will allow you to collect some food materials which

are not fit for a garden composter: meat, bones, fish, vegetables with oils as well as soiled paper and

cardboard. You will have even less waste in the garbage!

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I will soon move and I won’t be using the brown bin. What do I do?

The bins are the property of the borough. Please leave it at the house for the next tenants.

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I cannot bring the bin to the curb (handicap, age, etc.)

Please consider asking help from a neighbor.

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Compost is disgusting: I don’t want to touch it.

You can wrap your food waste in a sheet of newsprint and then place it directly in the paper bag

or in the brown bin.

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And what about vermin?

Fruit flies might appear around your kitchen bin. Please keep it closed at all times. Other tricks


• A wine cork cut in half, on top of the cover;

• A sheet of fabric softener, on top of the cover ;

• Layers: each time you add food waste, cover it with layer of newsprint or other (soiled) paper waste.

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Food scraps outside will certainly attract animals?

The brown bin has a clip to keep it closed. If ever you do have ferocious squirrels, you can put

some Vick’s Vaporub on the outside. They really don’t like that!

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When it gets hot in the summer, it will get smelly, no?

It will not be worse than a regular garbage can. However, there are different ways to prevent this

inconvenience. First of all, don’t leave your brown bin in the sun if possible. If not, you can sprinkle

some baking soda in your bin. You can also add some drops of basil essential oil; this will stop

odours as well as repel flies. It’s also a good idea to put some newspaper on the bottom of your bin

and add soiled paper napkins, handkerchiefs and towels to your waste to absorb liquids. You can

also freeze your food waste until the day of the pick-up.

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When I have a lot of garden residues, what do I do? Will it still be collected?

Green waste is not part of this program and will still be collected separately. Please check with the Éco-quartier or the borough re green waste collection dates.

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If my bin is not full, can I take it out anyways?

Even if your bin is not full, it will be collected. We really advise you to take it to the curb every week.

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What do I do if I forget to put my bin at the curb?

Until the next collection, a simple solution is to keep your bin in a shady location. You can also

freeze the smelliest waste to stop decomposition.

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The new brown bin is too big for my apartment and I don’t have a balcony nor yard – what can I do?

This is the only format available. Find a convenient place to store your bin, or share it with your neighbour.

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Do we need to put a bag in the bin?

You’re not obliged to use a bag, either in your kitchen bin or in your brown bin, but it will help fight

odours and keep your bins clean. If you want to use them, you can buy compostable paper bags at

the local grocery stores, pharmacies and hardware stores (ex IGA, Pharmaprix, Rona). If you don’t

want to buy bags, you can use newsprint to line your bins and wrap around smelly materials. You can

find free newspapers at stores or in metro stations.

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Are we obliged to participate? We haven’t been asked.

Public consultations were held in Montreal for the drafting of the Plan métropolitain de gestion des

matières résiduelles (PMGMR) . This plan expresses the means to reach the goals of the Politique

québécoise de gestion des matières résiduelles and the Plan d’action 2011-2015 which seek to ban,

by 2020, the burial of food waste (among others).This is why the PMGMR encourages the

implementation of a curbside door-to- door collection for all food waste . We are on the way to have

this collection in place everywhere in the Montreal area, and we’ll be able to meet the food waste

goal when all will participate. All households with 8 and fewer units will receive a kitchen bin and an

outdoor bin, or an outdoor bin to share with a neighbor. If you choose not to participate, please keep

the bin for the next tenant / owner.

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Where does the food waste go?

Currently, the food waste will go to a compost site situated off the island of Montreal, located in

Brownsburg-Chatham near Lachute. A factory will be built to treat the food waste in Ville LaSalle, and

construction is expected to be completed by 2019.

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