When I was offered the job to be a green patroller I was instantly excited and hopeful to have a summer job that is directly related to my field. I am in my last year at Concordia studying environmental sciences therefore to have a paid internship with Eco-quartier is very beneficial to me. As well the Eco-quartier I work for is in my hometown, Notre-dame-de-Grâce which has allowed me to better connect to my neighborhood and its wellbeing. Our main focus this summer has been food waste since the food waste collection began in late 2016 and early 2017. We go door to door to ask residents how they are finding the new program, focusing on improvement in any way possible.

Another very important mandate we have as green patrollers is finding home owners that have ash trees on their property. To be able to exercise our ecology skills through identifying different tree species (specifically ash trees) is very stimulating and rewarding. Unfortunately the reason why we are finding ash trees isn’t as positive. The emerald ash borer has put 200 000 trees in Montreal at risk. To remediate this situation the Eco-quartier has the program “Un Arbre Pour Mon Quartier”; home owners can re-green their property at an affordable price.

The Eco-quartier in NDG is a very warming and welcoming place. Before working for Eco-quartier I never knew about it. I never knew there was projects like the green alley, workshops with children on how to reduce waste, or community composters. It is very motivating knowing that the municipality funds organizations like the Eco-quartier. It has led me to believe that we must be doing something right. To have a job that coincides with your values can be rare, so when it happens it is quite rewarding.

By Stephanie Rochemont, Green patroller of NDG, 2017