The Green Team is back for the summer! This year, NDG is lucky to receive grants for students from Service Canada. We’ll have 2 green patrollers, a camp animator, a composting agent, and a horticultural expert to help with the Incredible Edibles project as well as other community initiatives. We’re also lucky to be receiving a student from the YMCA Canada project (a youth comes to Montreal to practice French), and 2 youth from the CJE Montreal.

The extra summer staff are all students, and we expect that they will learn a lot from their time in NDG, while they help the community. They will participate in numerous environmental projects throughout the district. Whether it’s through education on water saving at kiosks or the benefits of trees in urban zones, it is all with an approach to encourage residents to adopt eco-friendly practices.

One of the main tasks this summer is promoting the upcoming food waste program in Loyola. We have over 7300 addresses to visit, and thus we might be knocking on your door to invite you to participate.

When you meet the green team this summer, please be sure to say hi!