If you are going on a vacation or travelling on business or leisure, please think of the planet we live on and travel to conserve and preserve.
Before You Travel
1) Green travel is a portable lifestyle choice. Your carbon footprint can be reduced if you change a couple of habits that can only be helpful to Mother Nature.
2) Try to book a nonstop flight if you are flying. Takeoffs and landings create most of an airplane’s carbon emissions.
3) Packing light for travelling is a good thing to do because it reduces the weight onboard the plane, so the plane burns less fuel.
4) Before you travel purchase or reuse a glass or stainless steel beverage container to carry with you at all times. Try to avoid single use plastic containers at all costs.
5) Travel with Your own utensils in your backpack, purse, etc… Avoid plastic cutlery.
6) If you plan on hiking, bring along a small bag for trash. Help the world you live in.
7) Take rechargeable batteries and the charger with you to use during your travel.
8) Before leaving for a vacation or travelling, unplug the TV, microwave, and other electrical objects in the house. This will save you money on your hydro bill.
9) Pack your own soap and shampoo when you go on a trip. If you use the hotel’s, take them with you for the rest of the trip. Hotels just discard them.

During Your Stay

1) When you visit another city, always keep in mind your carbon footprint. Try to walk to most of your destinations, rent a bike, or use local public transportation.
2) Avoid using plastic. Take plastic off your purchase list, no bags, containers, souvenirs, etc.
3) Do not litter wherever you go. If you see litter on the ground, try to do the right thing, pick it up, and dispose of it properly.
4) On a trip, shop and buy locally. Help their economy and look for native or indigenous artisans. When you buy from local artists, you show respect by preserving their culture and
supporting them.
5) Before leaving the hotel each day of your visit, pack some snacks in reusable containers. Purchase a large bag of your favorite munch and fill your container before you go.
6) If you are drinking, drink local beers and wine. This way you are lowering your carbon footprint by cutting down on transportation emissions.
7) When on a trip, try to take shorter showers and turn off the water while you shave, wash, and shampoo or brush your teeth. Baths use 50 to 70 gallons of water while showers use 5 to 20
gallons, so try to shower instead.
8) Whenever you leave the hotel, turn off lights, TV, AC, and close the curtains to keep the place cool.
9) Take it easy on the travel information. If possible, return maps, brochures so they can be used again.

At the end of each voyage, share your experiences with your family and friends so they can perhaps learn and become a green traveller.

William Roy