National Sweater Day is a day to help raise awareness about renewable energy and change behaviours around energy consumption, a day to think differently about how we use energy and how we can all play a role in tackling climate change in Canada. Turning down our heat and wearing a sweater is a small action that is symbolic of bigger change.

In Canada, the energy that powers our cities and industries is heavily supplied by fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal. These release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and transform ecosystems at an alarming rate. We are already seeing the impacts of climate change, particularly on our Arctic and our oceans.

Heating accounts for 80% of residential energy use in Canada, and is a significant source of emissions. If all Canadians lowered their thermostats by just 2 degrees Celsius this winter, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 4 megatons – equivalent to shutting down a 600 mega watt coal-fired power station or equivalent to taking nearly 700,000 cars off the road.

Save the date! This year, National Sweater Day is February 4th! For more information, visit: