New Food Waste Collection Initiative Receives Positive Reactions from Citizens

By Charlotte Hings

Food waste collection has already begun in many boroughs of Montreal and now it is finally time for it to begin in the Loyola district of NDG. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills by bringing all organic food waste to other facilities to be composted by biomethanization. In October, each household residing in a building of 8 units or less will be receiving a 46 litre brown bin for outdoors and a smaller seven litre bin to keep in their kitchen and all food waste will be collected by the city once per week.

This past week the Éco-quartier NDG team has been going around the borough, door to door, informing the citizens about the food waste collection that will be beginning in October. Only a few streets have been covered, but the team is moving quickly and hopes to visit every door from Connaught to Grand Boulevard at least once by the end of August.

So far, the door-to-door team has had mostly positive experiences and it is obvious to them that many citizens have been waiting for food waste collection for a long time. “I’m happy with the amount of people that are answering and how many have open mindsets and are willing to learn more about it” Ahmed Altalibi, a member of Éco-quartier’s Green Patrol discusses his experiences of the week.

Understanding the importance of trading convenience for sustainability is what will make this initiative successful. The overconsumption of goods and the over-exploitation of the Earth’s resources is undoubtedly a major driver of current climate change. Continuing on the path of overconsumption and creating excessive waste in landfills will ultimately lead to the destruction of the one thing that has given life: the Earth. This is just a small step in the major task of achieving a sustainable future, one that does not over-exploit the planet’s natural resources, and one that leaves the Earth in better condition than found. “Everyone should do their part for the environment and chip in even though it’s more work and an extra expense. They’ll get into the habit of it just like recycling” Hilina Hailu, Eco-quartier NDG’s composting agent expresses her positive attitude toward the new initiative.

Éco-quartier NDG is happy and excited to be bringing food waste collection to its citizens and hopes that everyone will understand its importance and value. The door-to-door team hopes it can continue to share this excitement because collaboration from everyone and positive attitudes is exactly what is needed to make it a success.