“Green alleys” Project Manager

Nouha has been working with us since 2016.

From a young age, Nouha was always fascinated by the environment and by the complexity of its different ecosystems. She decided to undertake multidisciplinary studies in environmental sciences to acquire knowledge and skills through the management and conservation of natural resources. Nouha obtained a diploma in Agriculture Engineering (major: fishery, environment and marine resources) followed by a masters degree in Environmental Sciences. Throughout her graduate studies, she focused her scientific research on the impact of specific human activities on the marine environment. Moreover, she studied the causes and consequences of certain environmental problems. Thanks to her teaching experience and her university studies in the framework of the Higher Education Teaching Program, she developed her communication skills with a widely varied public. Nevertheless, she often wondered whether the solutions proposed for certain environmental problems would be welcomed and accommodated by the whole community, which often had to change their daily habits and adhere to new practices. Therefore, she decided to work closely with the community to help raise awareness about the importance of adopting environmentally friendly behaviours.

Nouha is the environmental educator and also the “Green alleys” project manager in NDG. As a member of our team, she has the opportunity to improve and invest her knowledge and skills of environment and sustainable development through varied projects. Nouha organizes environmental workshops and events in schools to raise awareness among NDG youth. In addition, she is responsible for the “Green Alleys” project working with the residents to beautify and green their alleys. You can find her everywhere in NDG: in schools, community centers, green alleys, etc.!