At the end of 2017, Eco-quartier NDG distributed more than 1,200 used books to kindergartens, churches, new immigrants and seniors in old age homes.

The new project initiated by the Éco-quartier NDG encourages people of all ages and especially children to read, and to develop a love of reading. Of course, the goal was also to encourage reuse. These days, we all know how expensive new books are, but we also have to think about the cost to the trees that are cut down every year to make the books that we find in our hands.

Therefore, from November until the end of 2017, many NDG daycares, and also Royal Vale school participated in a campaign to collect used books. The books collected were in turn donated to many local community organizations, but also to daycares with underprivileged children, schools whose libraries were lacking books, and to residences with housebound seniors who could not get out to the local library.

Amongst the many books distributed, 100 books were donated to new Syrian immigrants during an event organized by the “Fondation de l’école Notre Dame de Grâce”.

A principal from one of the schools who received a large donation of books from this project told the Éco-quartier staff that “reading has only advantages. It is the best thing for learning, cognitive development and oral expression. It increases brain function in amazing ways. Reading is great for all ages.”

Therefore, the Éco-quartier encourages everyone to read, but please borrow books from the library or from friends, or buy your books from a used bookstore. Please think about the environment, and happy reading!

Adina Badescu

Projects Manager – Éco-quartier NDG