While out doing our weekly recyclable garbage checks we noticed that many people are placing items that are not a part of the province’s recycling program in their recycling bins.

Common things that we found in the recycling bins that do not belong there include paper towels, tissues, and dirty boxes. Pizza boxes that have had pizza in them cannot be recycled due to the grease and cheese that is left on the box after the pizza has been eaten. Boxes should also be broken down before being placed in the recycling bins because it saves space in your recycling bin and in the province’s garbage trucks.

Also, bottles and cartons, along with their caps, are recyclable but only when the cap and the carton/bottle are separated. We ask that pizza boxes be disposed of in the regular garbage bins and that bottles and cartons have their caps removed before being placed into the recycling bin. It’s also important to rinse out your containers before putting them in the recycling to eliminate the risk of odors and mold. With your cooperation we can ensure the safety of workers who sort our garbage.