The main purpose of the Eco-quartier NDG’s initiative “Collection and reuse of old school supplies” is to reduce waste by diverting old school supplies that would have otherwise been throw away, and giving them to underprivileged families in NDG. It’s an excellent opportunity to initiate the youth/students to the 3RV principle (source Reduction, Reuse, Recycling and Valorisation) and also to encourage them to help and support the community.
The collection of old school supplies started in early June, before the end of the school year, with the collaboration of several schools in the area. Once again, it was a great success. Eco-quartier NDG staff collected thirty boxes full of gently-used school supplies for both elementary and high schools students (binders, notebooks, pens, crayons, scissors, etc.). We were amazed by the participation of the schools, as well as that of the parents in NDG who offered a lot of school items for NDG kids.
Before starting the distribution of the supplies to families, a team of volunteers helped us clean, sort and organise all of the different school materials. This step was necessary, since we want to give each student a clean, usable and in good condition school item. Thanks to the participation of all, we prepared boxes reserved for each family and arranged them according to the lists of required school materials. The families came to collect their box on August 27th, just in time for the return to school the next day.
This year, we indeed decided to proceed differently, and we handed the school supplies directly to families. Several families contacted us to ask if they could receive help, so we decided to try this more direct method rather than bringing the boxes to the schools. We were excited to hand a box full of supplies to the families and their children, and seeing the kids’ smiles when they received their new/old school supplies is the best reward ever!
We would like to thank all the schools that participated in the used school supplies collection including Loyola High School, Royal Vale School, Greaves Advents Academy, and MacKay Centre. We would also like to thank the YMCA NDG for collecting supplies at their location, and also the NDG parents and residents who came by the Eco-Quartier NDG, offering us bags and boxes filled with reusable schools supplies.
Special thanks to Mr. Marius Soraro for his generosity in letting the Eco-quartier NDG use a storage space to pile up all the boxes filled with school supplies, as well as letting our team use the space to host the cleaning and sorting activity.
Finally, a big thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the activity. It was thanks to them that we were able to clean and sort so many school supplies so quickly. Your participation made all the difference.
The “Collection and reuse of old school supplies” program is a community and environmental project that strengthens the support between the residents of NDG and maintaining a better environment for the community. The third edition was a great success, and we look forward to next year.