Seeking Volunteers

1) Recycling promotion

Task description: Looking for enthusiastic volunteers to go door to door for about 2h per week in apartment buildings and encourage residents to better sort their recycling materials. No experience required! On Thursdays, from 6-8pm, a team visits an apartment building to sensitize residents about good recycling habits and give them a free recycling bag. Join us, and work your interpersonal skills!

Schedule: Thursdays, from 6-8pm

2) Flyer & poster distribution

Task description: The Éco-quartier NDG offers a variety of environment themed activities every month, as well as volunteering opportunities for those who want to be involved in their community. We need you to help us promote them! We are looking for volunteers to hang our posters and distribute our flyers on community billboards. It is a great way to volunteer on a flexible schedule!

Schedule: Flexible, 1-2 hours per week

3) Graphic design

Task description: The Éco-quartier NDG provides plenty of resources regarding recycling, composting, eco-cleaners, and much more. We also hold monthly activities and special events, all related to environmental themes. To promote those, we need the help of graphic designers to design our posters, flyers, newsletter template, and other communication tools! It is a volunteering opportunity that will allow you to work on your own schedule, at your home or at our office. No experience required, students and graphic design amateurs are welcome! It’s a great way to express your creativity or to build up a portfolio.

Schedule: Flexible, 2-3 hours per week, according to the needs

4) Research

Task description: We would like to put together a library of ecological information and resources! When visiting our website, there will be readily available and pertinent information about many environmental themes and current events. Please help us research and combine the information and resources, either from your home or at our office!

Schedule: Flexible, 1-2 hours per week

5) Translation

Task description: We have many documents that need to be translated from English to French or vice versa. You can practice your translation skills with us! Most of those documents are administrative papers or related to our projects, and your translation skills would provide us with much needed help. The schedule is flexible, and you can either work from your home or at our office.

We’d also love to translate some of our ecological flyers into other languages. If you write in languages other than French or English, please let us know. You might be able to help us better reach your community.

Schedule: Flexible, 1-2 hours per week

6) Video making

Task description: The Éco-quartier NDG would like to initiate a series of short clips on various environmental themes – recycling, composting, vermicomposting, etc. We need your creative talents! We are looking for volunteers with their own camera (could be a phone) and who can film and edit short clips (including sound).

Schedule: 1-2 hours per week

7) Spotting of urban heat islands

Task description: The urban heat island effect happens when surfaces made of asphalt or concrete retain heat and warm the surrounding micro-climate. The temperatures of urban heat islands can be 10oC warmer than a nearby spot! We need volunteers to go around the neighborhood, spot problematic areas, and register them in a dedicated database.

Schedule: Flexible, 1-2 hours per week

8) Intern remarkable trees

Task description: Remarkable trees are true monuments of natural heritage. They are either remarkable because of their age, their dimensions, or their history. To contribute to the conservation and the celebration of remarkable trees, the Éco-quartier NDG is looking to recruit an intern that will set up a remarkable tree registry.

Schedule: To be determined

For more information or to volunteer, please contact us at: 514-486-2727 or

In addition to contributing to a greener, stronger community, volunteers directly benefit from their involvement!

  • We can provide reference letters;
  • You will acquire new knowledge, skills, and experience;
  • Training is provided (according to the position);
  • You can meet new people and expand your network;
  • You can practise language skills;
  • You get to participate and be involved in a cause you care for!