This year the Éco-quartier NDG was very lucky to receive generous funding from Service Canada for a number of summer positions: green patrol, environmental camp animator, green alley agent, horticultural agent, and food waste collection agent. All positions are 9 weeks long, so the summer staff will be able to help with a variety of projects this summer.
Some of the projects that the students will be working on include: beautifying the outdoor space at the Montclair senior’s residence, offering weekly information kiosks in the parks, offering more than 30 camp animations, helping residents interested in starting green alleys, verifying recycling and food waste bins, and the list just goes on and on!
The goal is that the students who study in environmental fields have the opportunity to learn through real-life situations with projects and residents. Every year, the students tell me how much they learned from the summer activities.
If you see the Éco-quartier NDG staff busy improving the NDG environment this summer, please say hi!

Nikki Schiebel