Our goal at Éco-quartier is to help residents find creative solutions to reduce their waste. Every so often, a resident suggests that we let others know the intricacies of what is and is not recyclable. We try our best to communicate exactly that to our residents. We go door-to-door, host kiosks and workshops, all in an effort to help residents best sort their recyclables, their food waste and their garbage.
Some of the things that we’ve noticed over the course of 2018:
• Dirty pizza boxes are still found in the recycling bins. As the cardboard cannot be cleaned, pizza boxes cannot be recycled, but they can go in the brown bin for food waste collection;
• disposable razors and used tissues should never be put in the recycling bin (for the safety of the employees);
• Bureau en Gros has a depot for recycling used pens+ highlighters;
• Reusable small bags can replace plastic bags at the grocery store for small items like a bunch of grapes;
• Recyc- Quebec recently published a mobile application for anyone wanting to check how a specific article could be best discarded. Download the free app at https://www.recyc-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/points-de-recuperation