This Valentine’s Day, celebrate in green!
There are many ways to prevent consumerism and celebrate in a more sustainable way. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate a Green Valentine’s day:

– If you eat out, choose a restaurant with local, organic or vegetarian food options;
– If you eat in, you can also try to eat sustainably under the same principles;
– Make your own greeting card or send a grain card that can be planted in the ground*. You can also help the environment by encouraging local artists who use recyclable materials;
– For chocolate fans, show someone how much you care by giving them organic and/or fair trade chocolates;
– Encourage local jewelry designers, especially those who use recycled materials;
– Offer potted plants instead of flowers, they last longer and purify the air;
– Do not forget that roses are compostable;
– Give your loved ones a something more, by offering them the lasting gift of an adoption kit (ie: WWF);   – Plant a tree as a symbol of your love.

Happy Green Valentine’s Day!
Eco Day Valentine’s Day written for Eco NDG

*Some cards can be planted in the ground as they are made from biodegradable paper, which contains seeds of flowering plants.