As the green alleys begin to become numerous in the borough, some of them have recently been vandalized by taggers.

Indeed, the graffiti phenomenon does not spare the green alleys. Whether on murals or flower boxes, the number of tags is constantly increasing in the green alleys of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. It is a shame to see that some works have been spoiled by frightful “tags”.

While they were originally intended to prevent the appearance of new graffiti, some murals are targeted by taggers. Same for flower boxes, especially in the Marcil-Oxford green alley. The taggers “tag” to be noticed, removing them quickly is one of the
best ways to prevent their reappearance.

In order to prevent graffiti, many options are available. First, climbing plants or bushes along the walls can restrict access to taggers. Then, installing a motion detector with a powerful light can also discourage people intending to do graffiti in alleys. Then there are some transparent and weather-resistant coatings on the market that make the surfaces less porous to prevent other substances from adhering to them.

Although this solution is more expensive, it allows removing the graffiti with a simple cloth. If you would like to remove graffiti
on the wall of your residence, you can also visit us at our office located at 6575 Somerled Avenue, suite 206, during our opening
hours (Tues-Fri 10 am-6pm and Sat 10 am-1pm) to get a graffiti removal kit. This kit includes a cleaning product, a brush, a cloth, safety glasses and a pair of plastic gloves.

Marc-Antoine Bertrand