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Citizen Mobilization program for the Revitalization of the Fielding-Walkley Area & Provisional Board of Directors of the Walkley Community Centre

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Since 2010, Prévention CDN-NDG has played an active role in the Fielding-Walkley sector. We have been a member of the Provisional Board of Directors of the Walkley Centre, run some specific programs out of the centre, acted as fiduciary for a Centre-based food security project and, through funding from Centraide, are fiduciary of the sector’s community mobilization agent.

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Fielding Walkley Fete De Quartier 2017

September 30th, 2017|0 Comments

Rumor has it that there were close to 300 people in attendance at this year’s Fielding Walkley Fete de Quartier on September 10th!

Sharon Sweeney, Coordinator of the Demarche Fielding-Walkley did a great job organizing and […]