On International Women’s Day. March 8, 2018, Miranda, the Outreach Worker for seniors, and I
animated a 3-hour intergenerational workshop for a group of 15 women in NDG.
In small groups, we explored how women in general, as well as aging women, are perceived in
advertising and social media. We watched Photographer Ari Seth Cohen’s documentary Advance
Style; a movie featuring women from all walks of life with a unique and somewhat eccentric sense of style and a grounded and strong sense of self. We had afterwards an open discussion about the film, and talked about how we see ourselves and each other, as both young and aging women, because of and/or despite society’s norms and expectations. At the end of the workshop, we concluded with a really fun photo shoot! We’d like to extend our thanks to all the fabulous women who participated, to Mario Bernard for taking photos, Jill Kinaschuck (community development worker Sherbrooke Forrest) and Sharon Sweeny (community organizer Fielding Walkley) for hosting us at Sherbrooke Forrest, and to our awesome Volunteer Joanne for keeping us organized and the snacks circulating! It was such an inspiring day and such a pleasure to listen to women of all ages and backgrounds exchange ideas and perspectives on issues that affect us all every day. I hope we can do it again on an even larger scale!

– Jennifer Chapman