General Mandate

General Mandate

Since 2010, Prévention CDN-NDG has played an active role in the Fielding-Walkley sector. We have been a member of the Provisional Board of Directors of the Walkley Centre, run some specific programs out of the centre, acted as fiduciary for a Centre-based food security project and, through funding from Centraide, are fiduciary of the sector’s community mobilization agent.

Walkley Centre Mandate

The Walkley Centre Provisional Board of Directors

The role of the Board is to ensure a proper running of the Centre, respond to the changing needs of the community, and to discuss the future of the Centre, whose lease is ending in 2015. Board members also include Comité Jeunesse NDG and a representative of the Borough’s Sports and Recreation division.

The Centre is a crossroads where all members of the community can meet and share. We are working to offer a variety of recreational programs for people of all ages that allow for individuals to develop a sense of community and leadership.

The Walkley Centre

We were fortunate to hire Kadiatou Diop in April of 2013. Kadi brought with her her extensive community experience and was aware of the challenges that lay ahead of her. Through programs and special activities such as a spring festival, daycamp (with record numbers of children), Fruits de la communauté, fall programming, homework help, a Halloween outing, participation in the NDG Sports Festival, and Christmas parties, the frequentation of the Centre is on the rise. Hundreds of citizens have come through our doors.

It is not always easy. There is a constant struggle against the stigma that has plagued the community for decades. There are also very high expectations from residents and partner organizations.

Mobilization Mandate

The Mobilization project is part of a larger revitalization initiative in the neighbourhood: Démarche de revitalisation Fielding-Walkley.

The goal of the Fielding-Walkley residents’ mobilization & engagement project is to support and facilitate residents of the Fielding-Walkley area in taking action on collective issues, instigating the change they wish to see in their neighbourhood.

A catalyst of the project is the capacity-building it enables as opportunities to reinforce leadership skills, civic engagement and social action. The Mobilizer also works closely with community organizations and local institutions to help identify opportunities for collaboration, while including all neighbourhood stakeholders from tenants and landlords to business-owners.