Hypersexualization prevention program

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The Hypersexualization program aims to educate local youth, girls and boys, about hypersexualization, exploitation and sexual abuse & violence. This project has been made possible by the joint efforts of Prevention CDN-NDG and the Table de Concertation Jeunesse Côte-des-Neiges.

By providing youth with the tools to reflect critically and analytically about their social environment, the Hypersexualization program hopes to reduce the chances of the community’s at risk youth of joining street gangs and to contribute towards breaking cyclical poverty by helping at-risk youth. In addition, the project aims to identify and help young girls who are sexually exploited or at risk of sexual exploitation to guide them to the appropriate resources. Thus, in a broader perspective, the Hypersexualization project aims to provide support for youth involved in gangs or prostitution, who are seeking a means to change their situation.

The project employs two strategies to meet it’s goals: prevention workshops and outreach.

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