Nearly half a million people went to Montreal’s Climate Strike on September 27th. Among them were the employees of Prevention CDN-NDG. If our staff was and still is mobilized, it is to denounce the fact that once again, the first victims are the most socially and economically vulnerable people.

As the TRPOCB reminds us in this open letter, “here as elsewhere, the most economically and health-vulnerable people are by far the first victims. The heatwave of 2018, which caused more than a hundred deaths in Quebec, is a painful illustration. According to the report made by the Montreal Public Health Department, the victims were people aged 65 and over (two-thirds), living alone; chronically ill (66% of victims) people living with a mental health disorder (including schizophrenia: 18% of victims); or with problems related to alcohol and drug use. And the vast majority lived in disadvantaged environments, where most of the heat islands are found in urban areas. “

Reading these few statistics, you will understand that Prévention CDN-NDG has felt its duty to mobilize for the most vulnerable and marginalized people who are at the forefront of the upheavals caused by the climate crisis we are facing.

If you live in CDN or NDG, we invite you to visit our website, Prévention CDN-NDG offers a wide range of services, especially for people who are homeless, seniors, teenagers, etc. Note that we also run an Eco-quartier in NDG: Éco-quartier NDG. If you would like to have information on the environmental activities that exist in the neighborhood, do not hesitate to contact them.

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