Alison, our Intimid’action Project Officer did an animation on September 13th, on Self-care in community in partnership with the beautiful Chalet Kent family! During the event, we exchanged several ideas of spaces that we can create in community. Also, young people spoke about how they take care of them when they face obstacles. The energy of the event was filled with comfort, confidence and resilience. We feel that the young people were themselves 100%. 

At all times, slowing down and making sure to self-love individually is important because it is a show of compassion towards oneself! Sometimes it is not enough and especially when we face difficult situations related to oppressions such as bullying because they are social issues. Healing in community becomes a very important act in order to realize that you are not alone in this situation and to perhaps know other scenarios. Whether it’s the victim or the bully, self-esteem is generally affected.
Some young people are now part of the bully action group. In fact, you can follow us on our instagram page @groupeintimidaction. We started doing anti-bullying kiosks at La Voie School.

Several teenagers came to the event and a video of this animation is available on our organization’s YouTube channel.

Now there are self-love activities at the Chalet Kent every Friday with Toni Fowler! Do not hesitate to check it out!

Also, in the same theme, we invite you to go listen on the TheDepPodcast, the podcast about Self-care, available on iTunes, SoundCloud or Spotify.


Alison Abrego