Project Officer – ‘’Intimid’Action’’ Project

The creative projet call  “Intimid’Action” aims to bring out: leadership, critical thinking skills and empowerment  of young girls and boys participating through moments of quality, cool outings and creative animations on bullying related to gender inequalities. The project will end with a creative exhibition chosen by the group in March 2020!

Teenagers and teachers will be able to attend the exhibition at  La Voie High School where the project will be created. The goal of the project is to get out of the school and share the tools created with group members and community organizations.

Alison past experience includes working with different groups of individuals, such as, youth, children in paediatric palliative care, seniors, victims of domestic violence and adults with mental health illnesses. But above all, her most valuable experience comes from her upbrining  as an immigrant child living in the sector of Saint-Michel labelled as a “delinquent teenager “.

You can reach her by email at and by phone at the following number (514) 736-2732 extension 34.