Outreach Worker – Sexual Violence & Exploitation Prevention

Fanny has been working with us since June 2014.

She is a community outreach worker in the Côte-des-Neiges district for teenage girls aged 12 to 17. Fanny is concerned with preventing the sexual exploitation of adolescent girls at street level. Her workload is rather multi-faceted; she makes herself available a few days a week at La Voie High School where her tasks run the gamut from animating workshops to meeting with students, organizing activities, and spearheading collective projects. On other days, she travels throughout CDN where she connects with the district’s various community groups, holds workshops, counsels individual teenage girls, or facilitate group meetings. Given the nature of her duties, she is also part of the community outreach team at Prevention CDN-NDG.

Her role is to provide tools to young girls in CDN so that they may enjoy fulfilling relationships, friendships, and family ties as well as develop a healthy sexuality, obtain information on leisure activities and employment opportunities, and so that they may learn to express themselves freely. These are all factors that tend to reduce the risk of sexual exploitation.

Before joining Prevention CDN-NDG, Fanny worked with teenagers in a variety of roles and settings. Alongside Karl (also of Prevention CDN-NDG), she coordinated the Jeunes Leaders NDG project; she facilitated Coopérative Jeunesse de Service projects; and she was a community worker for the Bureau de Consultation Jeunesse.

Fanny particularly enjoys working with young girls; she finds they are stimulating and have much to teach us. Moreover, she loves working in a community-based setting and at Prévention CDN-NDG for the flexibility, autonomy, and creativity these environments provide! She finds the Prévention CDN-NDG team awesome, dynamic, and extremely supportive.