Hypersexualization prevention workshops

Because of a lack of funding, the Hypersexualization prevention workshops are not available for the moment.

A series of four themes and a specific workshop were created to raise awareness amongst the secondary school youth (girls and boys) on the issues of gender stereotypes as well as healthy and equal relationships.

1st WorkshopFrom stereotypes to discrimination: Understand discrimination mechanisms (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) based on diverse stereotypes to assess their consequences.

2nd WorkshopSexism in ads: Recognize marketing strategies aiming youth and analyze recent ads to point out hypersexualized images and discourse they contain

3rd WorkshopHypersexualization culture and it’s influences: Start with simulations and short videos, approach themes such as obsession with beauty, consent and elements relating to (un)equal relationships in order to equip the youth with the tools to make a self-assessment of their relationships.

4th Workshop From hypersexualization to exploitation: Raise awareness on the multiple facets that sexual exploitation (though exchanging views on sexuality and materials) can take in criminal networks or more subtly in our daily lives.

Ball workshop – The after ball: I remember: Discuss life experiences, the ball and after ball and any other festive context with the 5th year secondary students. Further strengthen the notions of responsibility, solidarity and consent; that is to say to respect personal boundaries and that of others in all contexts.