Project Officer – “Place aux Filles !” 

Juliette Paume is working on different projects within the Gender and Equality team since april 2018.

  • A part of her mandate is to work with teenagers.

The project Relance, the first project she worked on, aimed to make the prevention of sexual violence. The 16 young boys involved have put their energy and team spirit at the service of great achievements. In particular, they made a video of prevention of sexual violence against women, which they themselves wrote the scenario and the texts, which they filmed and in which they played. To do this, they chose to position themselves as women’s allies against sexual violence! You can find the link of their video here: video link

They then participated in a week-long leadership camp, during which they had the opportunity to awaken the leaders that were in them, while deconstructing the stereotypes and injunctions related to masculinity, which they came out full of positive energy!

Now Juliette is in charge of the project Place aux Filles !, previously coordinated by Ramaëlle, who passed the torch to her. As a reminder, Place aux Filles! is a project to empower girls aged 12 to 17, whose goal is to encourage girls to take get involved in their community, by becoming active citizens and strengthening their leadership. In this context, they will meet inspiring women throughout the year, while participating in various activities, and of course having fun!

  • At the same time, Juliette is working on the Cultivons la Culture du Consentement project alongside Ramaëlle and Guillaume. The goal of this project is to develop tools to combat sexual harassment by promoting a culture of consent in schools.

During her studies, Juliette has been involved in various schools, which gives her an interesting experience to understand the particular issues of adolescence. After obtaining her master’s degree in feminist studies, she was project manager at a community organization in France, where she worked mainly with immigrant women.

She then traveled for several months, before putting down her suitcases in Quebec, from which she had heard so many good things from her home in Toulouse, and she is not disappointed!

You can reach her here: placefilles@gmail.com, or there: (438) 829 2221.