Alain Mankarios

Program Director

Al has been working with us since 2007.

He was hired as a Crime Prevention Counsellor for the Borough’s Urban Safety program – Tandem. Alongside the many committees and community partnership programs he played a part in, he was involved in many dossiers that focused on youth and young adult development issues. With the growth of Prevention CDN-NDG, Al is now Programm Director, a position that has been created in order to improve the quality of our services and to explore community development in our borough.

From restaurants to substitute teaching, and whether coaching soccer or shining shoes, he realized early on how much he liked working with people and that human relations are opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Several years ago, he met a Tandem counselor extraordinaire who facilitated many crime prevention animations with his Teen Leadership group at Saint-Raymond’s Community Centre on issues such as bullying, conflict resolution, diversity, and so on. It was then and there that he knew he’d finally found the organization and the vocation that were perfect matches for him. Being of service and helping others are core principles he values greatly, ones that are equally valued at Prévention CDN-NDG, where social development is encouraged to flourish through crime prevention and urban safety.