Brigitte Chrétien

Administrative assistant and counselor for Tandem

Brigitte has been working with us since 2004.

She is both an administrative assistant as well as a Tandem crime prevention counselor. In her role as assistant to the administrators, she manages the payroll, oversees general accounting, and is in charge of translation, document handling, and other clerical duties related to the smooth operation of the resource. As a Tandem counselor, she coordinates and delivers information sessions on general security, safety in public transit and in public places, and on fraud prevention to groups of women and to newcomers. Before joining Prévention CDN—NDG, Brigitte worked for five years as an office clerk at an employment agency and, before that, as convenience store manager for three years.

What she enjoys most about her current job is the flexibility afforded to her in both her work schedule and in her tasks, to say nothing of the pleasure she gets every day from sharing moments with such outstanding colleagues. She sees her wearing two hats, as both an administrative assistant as well as a crime prevention counselor, as a good gauge of her versatility and as calling upon a good mixture of her professional skills. Being the organized and far-sighted person that she is, she loves everything that falls under the purview of office management duties. However, her sociable and extroverted personality leads her to enjoy having the opportunity to animate information sessions and to feel she’s been of some use to the citizens she meets. She also thoroughly appreciates being part of a diversified team and working in an open and dynamic workplace environment.