Camille Vaillancourt

Executive director

Camille joined the organization at the end of 2019 and took up her duties as Executive Director in January 2020.

Camille is a sociologist and has a Master’s degree in economic sociology, focusing on the impact of responsible consumption.

Before joining the Prevention CDN-NDG’s team, Camille was an Assistant professor at the University and she did philanthropic development, administration, human resources management, which gradually led her to occupy the position of General Director of a youth organization in Little-Burgundy.

She has served on boards of directors for many organizations, she has directed strategic planning, and succeeded to help many organizations. Over time, she has also become a Consultant to various organizations with temporary needs in governance, administration or social responsibility.

You can contact Camille for any questions, concerns, impressions, ideas. If she does not answer immediately, leave her a message. 

Office: 514-736-2732 # 22

Facebook-Messenger: Camille Vaillancourt de Jocas