Development and Communications Coordinator

Sarah joined the Prevention CDN-NDG team in August 2018.

Sarah started off working in environmental projects because she has always been sensitive to the quality of water, air, etc. She worked on projects to remove dyes from textile effluents and developed new techniques to access drinking water. She then worked in an international organization and it was there that she realized that communication and funding are essential, especially when carrying out long-term projects. Whilst working there she learned a lot about communication and funding and she also noticed that many people in 2018 are still stigmatized or rejected by society and that for some of them, this means they do not have access to the basic necessities. To work in order to overcome this is obvious to her.

Sarah makes sure that the CDN-NDG population is aware of the various services we offer by ensuring that the information is disseminated directly through physical promotion tools or online through our various platforms : website, social media, etc.

You can reach her by phone by calling at (514) 736-2732 extension 23 or by email at