Outreach worker for seniors – Côte-Des-Neiges

Prior to joining the Prevention CDN—NDG team, Marie had a very diverse background:
working in customer service in various types of businesses (pharmacies, banking, etc.), studying mathematics teaching in high school, intervention with young people in need of school support and their families, assistance to an elderly person with cognitive and motor losses, and entrepreneurship in the field of professional organization. Her interest in the quality of services offered to the community has always guided her choices, both personally and professionally. In addition to being a versatile and organized person, she attaches great importance to personal values. Her experiences with those around her and her interests make her an ideal person to work with seniors.

Her vision for the future depends on the hope of being able to make a positive difference and the search for innovative solutions and projects. It values collaborative work, respect and authenticity. If you meet her, she will be happy to share knowledge and ideas.